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Commission Calculation Rules:

  1. For successfully referred customers who purchase our product and do not request a refund, you will receive a commission of 15% based on the purchased product amount.
  2. If the referred customer chooses to renew our services, you will continue to receive a 15% commission based on the renewal amount.

Commission Withdrawal Rules:

  1. Once your accumulated available commission reaches £50, you can request a withdrawal by submitting a support ticket.
  2. Please provide your withdrawal account details in the support ticket, and we will process your withdrawal request promptly upon receipt.

Other Considerations:

  1. Commissions will be calculated in GBP and disbursed at a rate of 15% of the purchased product amount.
  2. Affiliates are responsible for ensuring accurate withdrawal account information to avoid delays or failures in processing withdrawals.
  3. Affiliates have the right to check their commission balance at any time and submit withdrawal requests as needed.

We hope that this promotion policy enhances our collaboration and allows us to share in the joy of mutual success. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team.

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